Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2 Webcams Featuring Animals

They go to bed early, but technology is a m a z i n g

Cat and Dog:

Five Puppies:


jenny. said...

3:29 ginigirl37: ok dont put diapers on the cat poor kitty

3:30 ginigirl37: i hope your helping the cats not hurting them so you can eat them

3:31 ginigirl37: that cat isnt gonna escape so why put him in the cage

3:33 ginigirl37: he needs a bigger blanket

(currently loving pet webcam chats)


i have been trying to catch the puppies awake forever, and now! at 2:13 in the morning they are awake! it must be party time in whatever time zone they are in.

there are six of them. two were wrestling, one was chewing on something, one was wondering around, and two were sleeping. but then the one who was chewing on something attacked a sleeping one and now there is an all out war. this could go on all night.